Trident Cosmetics believes that make-up can not only transform, but also empower by bringing joy and confidence to those who use it. Make-up helps celebrate the individual by embodying who they truly are. "Your palette becomes the door to your own creative flair, your own unique style. A face for any place."

Meet Volenti

Volenti started her passion for make-up at a young age, falling in love with its creativity, and the ability to completely transform a face. With eyes wide open to the worlds of art, culture and theatre around her, she began her journey.

Volenti Laurentina

Volenti started studying make-up straight out of high school, where she became an internationally recognized make-up artist, and prosthetics and special effect make-up artist. She then joined a top make-up agency in Durban where she was able to be in the midst of make-up and hair styling on film sets, commercials, still fashion shoots, fashion shows, and the bridal industry.

This great diversity always kept Volenti excited about the world of make-up. Having been in the industry since 2005, her drive to want more from the industry motivated her to get into the cosmetic market.